An android app to plan your travel. Anytime, anywhere.


Strategy, Product UI/UX




Avigo is a design concept project inspired by another client work of us. Simple and beautiful tour package booking app, that focuses on what is really important: exploring the world, finding cheap tour packages, quick booking and one click payments.


Our task was to design an engaging Android app to create an immersive way to explore beautiful destinations around the world and make the ticket booking flow simpler. The client's idea was very rough when he came to us. So we had a bunch of discussions, conducted thorough research on the industry, and clarified detailed requirements before starting the design process.

After the discovery & research stage, it became clear that we should begin with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test the viability of the idea.

Product UX

We define the path that our user will follow within the app by means of a flowchart, which will allow us to know beforehand how the user will move within it, where the data and its importance will be found.

We started the design process with some wireframes of the possible low fidelity interface to help us represent a general idea of our future solution of an app. When creating wireframes, we were inspired by different travel and destination booking applications available in the market.

The biggest challenge in creating wireframes was to make the app fun and informative while reducing overall complexity for more intuitive usability.

Avigo User Flow Mapping

Visual UI Design

Before starting actual designp part, we developed a style-guide for the app, where we will contemplate aspects such as typography, color, icons, buttons, and series of other elements that will help us design a consistent interface.

Avigo Onboarding
Avigo Destination Booking
Avigo Book Tickets
Avigo Booking Confirmed

The goal for this project was to create an MVP using the UX process. We went through all the stages using design thinking and UX tools.

All this process helped us create a meaningful product for the users, which resolves pains during the travel experience and helps them to achieve their goals.

As a team, we realized the importance of developing a product with a user centered approach. We also learned the power of testing ideas in the first stages of the process, to validate our product before the development stage and to save money and time to the company.