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Bonjour Hotels

A beautifully simple website for a new category in hotel industry.


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Bonjour Hotels

Bonjour is a new category in the hotel industry. They build and manage affordable hotels combining purposeful design with the best essentials, at an unbeatable price.


We partnered with Bonjour on the design and development of their new website that was built to attract new users, and be accessible to anyone on any device. Our challenge was to develop their new web presence with a simply beautiful website for modern travellers who are mobile, value-conscious, tech-savvy and searching for a better hotel experience that fits their lifestyle.

We choose to keep the design simple across the board. With great photography and clear content, the storytelling take the main stage. It was equally important to give attention to the industry knowledge captured in the website copywriting.

Development Process

Our typical web development process consists of three key stages:

Understand the design

The design is clean, light and intuitive. The client wanted to develop this website with the goal of generating a better connection between the vision of the company and the customers. We wanted to achieve a light and refreshing feeling among the user-base with right combination of visual balance between the layout and imagery. The design followed an inviting humane approach through the storytelling process of the website.

Bonjour Hotels Design Understanding
Bonjour Hotels Design Understanding

Create Styleguide & Base Components

Based on the design mockups provided by the client, we quickly developed a basic styleguide that helped us in the development process.

Bonjour Hotels Styleguide

Start the Development

We discussed everything from the overall concept down to the micro interactions, making sure that everything is feasible in development. As today, users are using the internet more on mobile than desktops. We needed to design a responsive grid, and a plan to finally develop it. So we leveraged Bootstrap framework for a high-quality mobile first experience. Carefully crafted elements of the website ensured a delightful final product, no matter which device you viewed it on.

Components are fixed to the common & most popular 12-grid system with a slight change to make it more flexible, and modern looking. We also crafted some micro interactions with the links and a scroll-reveal animations that increases the overall user experience.

Bonjour Hotels Development
Bonjour Hotels All Pages
Bonjour Hotels Blog
Bonjour Hotels Mobile View
Bonjour Hotels Mobile View
Bonjour Hotels Responsive Design

This was an amazing project for us in terms of learning experience as well as to make our portfolio look strong. It added a real value by improving the quality of our work and actually raising the bar for upcoming projects.

Client Testimonial

‘‘We have worked closely with Creinno to develop our website. I find it quiet interesting how they involve you throughout the process, be it asking us our impression related to our project, or we have imagined something specifically we want it to be part of our project. They code our your imagination. I would highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again on future projects.’’

Julien Goupit

Managing Director & Co-Founder @Bonjour Hotels