Raucous CRM

Raucous CRM

A secure, cloud-based CRM that helps manage the business.


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Raucous CRM

Raucous Automation is an automation company that provide the supreme quality range of Wi-Fi Door Lock System, Automatic Curtain System, Gate Automation System and much more. They had a vision to develop a simple CRM software that could serve as an underlying platform to build a central system where they can manage their lead generation, service tracking and revenue.


Sales representatives were doing their job: solving their daily issues in their own, not so optimized way. We had to understand how they work, what they feel, what they need. Starting with surveys an numerous user interviews we were able to map out their workflows.

We soon learned that they spend most of their time on the road and in their car. With this in mind we could design a relevant mobile experience for Sales reps all around the world from the United States to New-Zealand.

Defining the Problem

  • Sales personnel spent more time in managing generated business leads
  • Status of leads were reported only at the end of the day
  • The delay in solving new services that resulted in loss of customers

Proposed Solution

The client had no experience of any CRM web application before, so after a thorough analysis of the situation, proposed an web and mobile app for the staff. The app named as Raucous CRM would be integrated to their daily routine in way that it functions seamlessly with it. The app design should have options to display the lead management, revenue management, service and sales management and report generation. The sales and service personnel should also be able to submit reports soon after closing a business/service ticket.

The service is an online project management platform with the ability to track the process of completing tasks. It reduces the amount of routine work, saves time on planning and organizing projects with the help of supporting functionality.

Design & UX

We decided not to overload the client and picked up the usual, clean and not overloaded color shades, as well as we used Roboto sans-serif typeface with classical proportions.

After validating the feature set, we started to design wireframes for each screen. We set the objective to help and motivate the sales reps in closing their deals, fast and easy. To achieve this we designed clear indicators for them to show the progress of the sales process.

Raucous CRM Service App
Raucous CRM Service App
Raucous CRM Sales App
Raucous CRM Sales App


Our developers created the application as per the proposed design and matched the UI of the mobile app with that of the web application (online portal). A few glitches were set right after the first test run and finally the flawless solution was in place.

Raucous CRM Implementation


The company is now able to effectively monitor and control assignment of tasks to the sales personnel. The sales personnel are now able to reach their customers without much difficulty. There is no need of re-entering the gathered information in the database. The sales personnel are able to communicate the status of business deals instantly to their superiors. The sales personnel can now add new customers instantly without having to make the customer wait for long.

  • Improved accuracy of services
  • Enriched customer experience
  • Enabled better lead and revenue tracking management
Client Testimonial

‘‘I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to work with you. It's really great how easy the CRM system is to update and manage. I never have any problem at all and I'm happy with your response and support.’’

Ravindra Patel

Co-Founder @Raucous Automation